What is your warranty?

SAR USA has a One Year Limited Warranty on factory Parts and Labor. If you have a question about your warranty and what is covered, please feel free to reach out to the warranty department.

What is your shipping and returns policy?

For warranty work or gunsmithing, the customer is responsible for shipping their firearm to SAR USA. Once work is complete, SAR USA will ship the firearm back to the customers FFL free of charge.

Can my FFL who is not a SAR USA dealer order directly from SAR USA?

No, your local FFL Dealer can only order weapons from an approved SAR USA Dealer/ Distributor.

What ammo can I shoot out of my pistol?

We recommend shooting NATO Spec ammunition through our firearms. NATO spec is a slightly higher pressure version of the more common 9mm Luger cartridge. Any NATO or SAAMI spec 9x19mm is safe to fire through your SAR 9mm platform. PLEASE NOTE: Firing reloaded or remanufactured ammunition through your SAR USA firearm will void the warranty.

Can I shoot +P or +P+?

Check your owners manual for information about your specific firearm.

How often should I service my pistol?

We recommend cleaning and inspecting your firearm after every use. A complete cleaning guide can be found in your owner’s manual.

Can I add aftermarket parts to my gun?

Adding after-market parts to your pistol can be unsafe, result in failure, and may void your warranty. Please contact Customer Service before adding any non-OEM part or accessory to your gun.

Is it safe to dry fire my pistol?

Yes. It is safe to dry fire your firearm. Always be sure that the firearm is unloaded prior to dry firing and always keep it pointed in a safe direction. Remember that dry fire impacts the lifespan of pins and springs just like live fire does. If you extensively dry fire, we recommend the use of a snap cap or dummy plug to reduce wear on parts.

What sight picture does my pistol use?

SAR USA uses a center hold sight picture on all of their weapons.

Can I purchase small parts for my pistol that are not available on the website?

Yes , you can purchase small parts not on our website, however, these can only be installed by a Licensed SAR USA for warranty issues.

Does SAR USA offer gunsmithing / installation services for my upgraded parts?

Yes. SAR USA offers a full Gunsmithing installation services for your needs. Please call customer service for specifics and availability.