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The perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber.


ModelCaliberCapacityBarrel LengthActionLOAWidthWeight
SAR99mm17+1 4.4 inStriker7.5 in1.4 in27.8 oz
SAR9 Compliant9mm10+14.4 inStriker7.5 in1.4 in27.8 oz


Possibly the most rigorously tested pistol ever developed, the new SAR9 endured 150,000 rounds of live fire at the factory. The polymer framed, striker fired SAR9 points naturally and is a pleasure to shoot. With a choice of three interchangeable back straps to customize fit, and 20 degree grip angle providing superior control.

Available in a number of different configurations including some models having mounting screw holes for direct installation of a micro reflex sight.


  • Polymer Frame
  • Forged Steel Barrel & Slide
  • Interchangeable Grip Panels
  • Manual Safety
  • Striker Status Indicator
  • Picatinny Accessory Rail


6 reviews for SAR9

  1. Stephen Stegle

    I’ve found the SAR9 to be one of the most accurate pistols I’ve ever shot.
    So far, I’ve had zero issues with the pistol. Not a perfect trigger, but certainly not a bad one either and I believe that it will improve over time & usage.
    I highly recommend this pistol.

  2. Anthony Parish

    I have had this pistols for a couple of years now.
    A let me tell you,. This is awesome
    I have put at least 3,000 rounds in it so far (before Covid-19 hit). And still preforms like the day I got it. And everyone that has had an opportunity to fire it loves it. I recommend it to a lot of people. (Even Glock lovers) and they like it to.
    Good pistol,. A must have

  3. Chris Shrider

    This was my first Sarsilmaz gun and I am so happy with it that I’ve bought 2 more and am looking into another. It reliably feeds every type of 9mm round and is more accurate than my Springfield.

  4. Adrian Perkio

    I absolutely love my SAR9. I’ve owned many CZ’s and have shot tons of pistols. Glocks, xdms, m&P’s, Berettas, sigs, Kimber’s, and caniks. I’d have to say I’d chose the sar over all of them. It’s very reliable feels great in my hand and has super low recoil. Only thing I could see an improvement on is the trigger. But it’s not bad. I just cut about 2 coils off of my striker spring. It made it a little lighter. Once I get thousands of rounds through it I’m sure it’ll lose some of it’s grittiness. One thing I’ve noticed is that when dry firing it the striker hits very hard. I’m assuming for reliability. You can hear the difference between the sar and other striker pistols. That’s why I wasn’t scared to chop a couple coils out. It still hits harder than any others lol. Great pistol guys!!

  5. Tyler Lucas

    Awesome gun love how it feels in my hand and how well it shoots.
    super easy to clean and load rounds it to

  6. fijibowl

    This is now the hottest pistol on the market.
    I love the ergonomic feel. Very very smooth shooting, & perfect balance.
    Accurate right out of the box.
    Just as advertised all over.
    Would like my Sportmans Warehouse store to carry the compact SAR9, that I would love to match with this full size SAR9.

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